Safe Work Method Statements

OHSDocs has a range of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) available. (Also known as Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Procedures).  These SWMS are split up into state specific sections.  Each state in Australia has different OHS laws and regulations backed up by state specific codes of practice.  We at OHSDocs feel that for true OHS compliance, each SWMS we create must be tailored specifically to your states laws and regulations.

Beware of companies trying to sell you general non-specific Safe Work Method Statements.

All of OHSDocs SWMS comprise of:
- MS Word 2003 Format (.doc file a widely compatible format)
- Ready to use Safe Work Method Statement
- Suitable for Sub-Contractors, Principal Contractors and Employees
- Sections for your company/employee details
- Sections for the site or job details
- Sections for the Principal contractor details
- WorkCover HazPak Risk Matrix
- Pre-completed Personal Qualifications & Experience section
- Pre-completed Personnel, Duties & Responsibilities section
- Pre-completed Training required section
- Pre-completed Engineering Detail / Certificates / Approvals section
- Pre-completed Legislation Used to create this SWMS section
- Pre-completed list of plant and equipment to be used section
- Pre-completed list of maintenance checks to be used section
- Pre-completed procedure for doing the job in easy to follow steps
- Pre-completed Risk Assessment of hazards that you may encounter while completing the work
- Each hazard is given a risk rating according to the WorkCover HazPak Risk Matrix
- Comprehensive listing of Hazard Control Measures used to reduce the likelihood of the hazards occurring
- Listing of person responsible for carrying out the Hazard Control Measures
- An empty section for your personal additions, site specific hazards, or extra control measures
- A section where all employees being inducted into the SWMS can sign off to prove consultation

- Fine tune our documents by adding site specific information in the extra space provided in each section listed above.

Our Safe Work Method Statements have been created according to the WorkCover Work Method Statements Guidelines Feb 1998 and WorkCover Risk Assessment Code Of Practice 2001.  We do our best to use up to date regulation, codes of practices and Australian standards to refine our safe work method statements according to the legislations mandatory requirements.  OHSDocs aim to get your business the ongoing work it needs to grow and achieve the success you’re looking for.

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