Operating a Excavator

Operating a Excavator

This 10 page SWMS details how to safely Operate a Excavator, including plant inspection, work area inspection, working around excavated area, unauthorised access into area and unanticipated contaminated materials (eg. Asbestos).

This OHSDocs SWMS comprises of:

- Easy to use MS Word 2003 Format (.doc file a widely compatible format)

- Complete ready to use Safe Work Method Statement, (this is not a blank template)

- Suitable for Sub-Contractors, Principal Contractors and Employees

- Sections for Company and Site Specific details

- WorkCover HazPak Risk Matrix

- Pre-completed fields that are mandatory for a SWMS such as Duties & Responsibilities, Training, Legislation, Equipment and Maintenance

- Pre-completed Job Tasks, Risk Assessments and Controls

- A section where all employees being inducted into the SWMS can sign off to prove consultation

$69.95 (includes a 0.00% discount)

First published: 2010-04-15
Last updated: 2010-04-15