Site Environmental Controls

Site Environmental Controls

This 6 page SWMS details various site environmental controls.

...These include Containment of chemicals, fuels and wastes, Contaminated ground, Dust, Fauna, Fill material, High velocity water discharges, Relics of heritage value, Relics of indigenous heritage value, soil stockpiling, spillage of sewerage, water run off and working near trees and vegitation.

This OHSDocs SWMS comprises of:

- Easy to use MS Word 2003 Format (.doc file a widely compatible format)

- Complete ready to use Safe Work Method Statement, (this is not a blank template)

- Suitable for Sub-Contractors, Principal Contractors and Employees

- Sections for Company and Site Specific details

- WorkCover HazPak Risk Matrix

- Pre-completed fields that are mandatory for a SWMS such as Duties & Responsibilities, Training, Legislation, Equipment and Maintenance

- Pre-completed Job Tasks, Risk Assessments and Controls

- A section where all employees being inducted into the SWMS can sign off to prove consultation

$69.95 (includes a 0.00% discount)

First published: 2010-04-07
Last updated: 2010-04-07